Power Banks Under 1000- Ipro, Mi and Syska Power Banks Honest Reviews

Power Banks Under 1000- iPro, Mi and Syska Power Bank Honest Reviews

Earlier there was a time when we used to charge our mobile phones whole night so that it could get 100% charged and we can take it out without getting worried about the battery. 

Since the time and technology have shaped, We are available with technologies which save our efforts and act as a backup when we are in need. One of the product on which we are highly dependent are Power Banks. I am sure that you agree with me and you are also finding a power bank for your needs. 

 How do I know?

 Because you are reading my blog post 🙂 

 Buying a best power bank is not an easy task. There are numerous products available in the market which creates a dilemma while choosing the best one. Everyone wants to choose the Best Power Bank so that the money spent on it should be worth. Today, we will explore Power Banks under 1000.

 As per my experience of buying Power Banks online, I would share my research with you guys with a comparison between Best Power Banks available in India. Today we will review the most searched power banks i.e Ipro Power Bank, Mi Power Bank, and Syska Power Bank. 

The specifications which I consider as the most important while buying Power Bank for myself is, 

  • Brand
  • Battery Capacity
  • USB Ports
  • Price

So, Let’s start and find out the Best Power Bank for you. I have reviewed the Power Banks on the above-mentioned specifications. You can buy them as per your needs and budget.

Mi 10000mAH Power Bank

Mi 10000mAH Power Bank

Mi 10000mAH Power Bank comes up with High-Density Polymer Batteries which are not only safe to use but that helps in Optimized Charging which increases the life of your mobile phone’s battery.

It comes with Dual USB output which helps you to charge two devices at the same time and It is easy to carry as well. The pocket-sized Power Bank comes with World Class Circuit Chip Protection which controls charging and discharging. The feature I really love about Mi Power Banks is Low Power Charging, it helps in safe charging especially the low power devices such as Fitness Band and Bluetooth Headset.

Customer's Reviews and Ratings

Mi Power Bank Reviews
Compact and Light WeightTakes time to charge
Fast ChargingHeating issues
High Build Quality  
Low Power Chaging  
Compatible  with all devices 

iPro 10400mAH Power Bank Review

iPro 10400mAH Power Bank

iPro 10400mAH is really a budgeted Power Bank which comes up with High-Grade Japnese Cells which helps in Fast Charging. It comes up with Dual USB Output, One with 2.1Amp and another one with 1Amp. 

It is really compact and easy to carry wherever you want. It can help you in charging multiple devices at a same time. As per our feedback, Battery Life is Good.

Customer's Ratings and Reviews

iPro 10400mAH Power Bank Review
Fast ChargingTakes time to get power bank charged
Easy to carryHeavy
Cheap Prices 
Support All Devices 

Syska 10000mAH Power Bank

Syska Power Bank Review

Syska 10000mAH Power Bank comes up with Polymer cells which are BIS Certified (Indian Standards). Syska Power Bank enhances the life of your device as it prevents your device from Overcharging, discharging and short circuits even. 

It comes with Dual USB slots with Type C charging which guarantees faster charging. The power bank is really Simple, Compact and light to carry wherever you are going. 

Personally, I have been using Syska Power Shell 100 1000mAH Power bank from last 4-5 months and haven’t come across any issue. 

Simply worth the value 🙂

Customer's Reviews and Ratings

Syska Power Bank Reviews
Quick ChargeHeating Issues
Long Battery LifeBulky
Works Well With All Devices  
Perfect For Travelling 

So, this was all about the reviews for Best Power Banks along with Mi 10000mAH Power Bank, iPro Power Bank Review and Sysyka Power Bank ReviewI hope my review would have heelped in choosing a Power Bank for yourself. Here is the combined list of all the Power Banks I have Reviewed.

Product NamemAHRating ImagePrice
Mi Li-Polymer  Power Bank10000mAHMi 10000mAH Power BankCheck Price
iPro 104000mAHiPro RatingsiPro 10400mAH Power BankCheck Price
Syska Power Shell 10010000mAHSyska RatingsSyska Power Bank ReviewCheck Price

So, this was all about Power Bank Reviews. I hope my list would have helped you in finding the right Power Bank for your needs. If you need any other help you can leave your question in comments. I am always Happy to help. 


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