Five Topnotch Places Not to Miss on Your Chandigarh Excursion

Wassup Folks! I’ve returned back to my town the previous night after two week long enthrilling vacation in the happiest city of India. My mum hails from Chandigarh, therefore I have been there innumerable times past I was a tiny tot. Unlike, any other sleepy little town of India, Chandigarh is tranquil picturesque, imbued with vibrancy and elation. There is richness of Punjabi culture predominantly evident from ghee dribbing on super luscious paranthas and sarso ka saag served with globs of butter(it’s irresistible even if you are an anti-ghee personūüėú).

Besides my very own home in Jalandhar, I’ve spent most of my childhood in this metropolis which undoubtedly gives immense happiness and exhilarates me even now after all these years of growing up. Although, I have already visited roughly all the authentic and engaging tourist places in my childhood, it’s always a different impression of bliss when I revisit them. ¬†Enumerated below are the places I had a super duper fun time and I inevitably recommend you to give them a shot to have an incredible time in Chandigarh.

Places That You Should Not Miss On Your Chandigarh Trip

This sculpture garden is stupendous execution of Best Out Of Waste concept. The peculiarity about the sculptures is the industrial, home waste and discarded items such as bottles, glasses, bangles, tiles, ceramic pots, sinks and electrical waste which have been utilized to fabricate them. It also features man-made interlinked waterfalls landscaped with pottery and  distinctive sculptures. You can visit the garden anytime during the year, however, I would personally recommend you to avoid it during blazing hot months of May,  June and July lest being sweaty and walking away without visiting it thoroughly.

Rock Garden

Fun Fact : The founder, Nek Chand was a government official who commenced the assembling of this garden stealthily in his leisure time and concealed it from the government authorities for an effing lengthy span of 18 years, until 1975.

Being the second largest shopping mall in Northern India and the eleventh largest in India, Elante Mall is a thoroughly air conditioned perfect place to spend good amount of hours for comfy shopping or loitering around for window-shopping. With numerous wide variety of stores and famous global brands,  Elante presents with everything from household goods at Big Bazar to elegant accessories at Charles & Keith. It also encompasses of game store and PVR for spending quality time and chains of restaurants with diversified mouth-dribbing delectable food.

Elante Mall

  • Sukhna Lake

It’s the best place for a rejuvenating stroll and to bestow your contaminated lungs with some fresh air. The scenic beauty pumps in vibrancy and there are diversified facilities for boating. If walking/ jogging is your cup of tea then you shouldn’t miss walking on the soothing bank of Lake Sukhna. It also compromises of some food stalls and a mini amusement park with few rides for kiddies.

Sukhna Lake

Teeny Tip : You can visit it anytime but during the flaming months of May,¬† June and July, you won’t be able to enjoy boating to its core so prefer to visit it during winters with sun radiating cosy hugs.

  • Zakir Hussain Rose Garden

This 30 acre garden in the city of Chandigarh is the largest botanical garden in Asia dedicated to a wide array of fervent roses and several medicinal herbs. The scenic beauty soothes on another level with its serenity. The best months to visit this place is February, March nd September cause the flower blossom during these months as well as the world famous Rose Festival is commemorated in February-March with much pomp and show. An evening walk in the cool breeze of this garden would certainly alleviate your stress and refresh you.

Rose Gaarden

  • Pinjore Gardens

Exhibiting a peculiar blend of the Rajasthani and Mughal styles of architecture, Pinjore Gardens of Chandigarh are one of a kind. The 100 acres of area encompasses of a mini zoo, plants nursery, a Japanese garden and historic palaces, thus accounting for a exquisite picnic spot. This place surrounded with greenery and tranquility all around is the best stress buster. Everyday, whilst the day is fading out and the night creeping in, the fountains are switched on which  adorns the place furthermore with the gleaming lights.

Pinjore Garden

Chandigarh, being the first planned city of post independence India, is visited by thousands of tourists each year. If you have visited the places then share ¬†your experience with us in the comment section below and if you haven’t then plan a trip to this happiest city ASAP.


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