The Most Watched Video on YouTube Hacked By Someone

You might have heard of Social Media Account’s getting hacked, but this time some anonymous hackers tried and succeeded to hack YouTube accounts as well.

Recently, it has been reported that this time hackers had removed many YouTube videos and majorly they targeted the video that has been uploaded by Vevo. The very famous song and the most watched video on YouTube, “Despacito” featuring Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee was removed from the YouTube.

Despacito Hacked

Along with Despacito, there were more artist’s like Shakira, Taylor Swift, Drake and many more whose video’s got affected by this attack. It has been viral in the media that a thumbnail of some people pointing guns towards camera was showing on the videos and after clicking on the video, it showed that video was unavailable. Even the title of the Despacito was changed to “Hacked by Prosox & Kuroi’SH & Shade & Akashi IT & KiraRoot & Xepher & SenpaiWeb & Misao”.

The good news was that the video was recovered later on and it was back on the YouTube. The video was uploaded in January 2017 and ruled over many hearts. This trending video had already made a place in many records and ruled the trending list for 16 weeks in America. It also achieved the title of the “Most Watched Video on YouTube“.

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