Best Wireless Headphones Under 1000 | Detailed Review and Comparison (August 2018)

Best Wireless Headphones Under 1000 (August 2018) - Review and Comparisons

If you are like me, who always feels like a lazy bone to untangle the wires of headphones again and again. You can have a look below how I am ūüôā¬†

Best Earphones

Then this article would definitely help you, As I have overwhelmed that situation by Finding Best Wireless Headphones for me. Also, I have created a research for everyone who is looking for Best Wireless Headphones Under 1000.

Being a buyer, I can completely comprehend your situation, you are about to spend 1000 Rupees on Wireless Headphones and for obvious reason, you must be concerned about budget and quality.¬† There are many options available online but we can’t completely go with Unknown Chinese Brands.¬†

 I have focused on some major standard brands like iBall, Zebronics, Intex and many others who are much more better than low-quality brands. I hope my research would help you to find Best Wireless Headphones Under 1000. 

Things to Consider While Purchasing Best Bluetooth or Wireless Headphones

These are the major features that I observe before making a purchase of Wireless headphones. You can also consider these elements and compare with others as per your requirements. 

  • Bluetooth Range
  • Sound Quality
  • Bass Quality
  • Battery Backup
  • Charging Time

Here is an quick overview  that would help you to choose Best Wireless Headphones under 1000 from the given list. I have also provided depth reviews about the Wireless Headphones which would help you to choose the Best Headphones as per your needs.

Product NameBluetooth Range Battery Backup Ratings ImagePrice
iBall Pulse BT410 metersUpto 8 Hours  iBall BT4 Stars  iBall Pulse BT4 ReviewClick Here 
Zebronics ZEB-AURA  10 metersUpto 5 Hours Zebronics ZEB-AURAZebronics ZEB-AURAClick Here
 Intex Jogger B10 meters Upto 4 Hours Intex Jogger RatingsIntex Jogger BClick Here
Ubon Bt 560020 meters Upto 6 Hours  Ubon 5600 Reviews Ubon 5600Click Here
iBall Musi Sway10 meters Upto 5 Hour iBall Musi Sway RatingsiBall Musi SwayClick Here

Best Wireless Headphones Under 1000

#1. iBall Pulse BT4 Neckband Wireless Bluetooth Headphones With Mic

iBall Pulse BT4 Review

iBall Pulse BT4 Neckband Wireless Headphones is one of the best options from the given list in the budget segment of under 1000 because of its built quality, sound and bass effects.
Talking more about its built quality, the ear-cups are encased in soft cushions and the flexible headband makes easily use the headphones for a longer time.
If you are the one who can keep listening to the music all the time, then this pair is obviously made for you because of its better sound and bass quality.
So, Enjoy the romantic tracks of Arijit Singh or Enjoy your favorite trance. You will not be disappointed.
Along with this useful headphones, you get some other features like remote control, mic, Aux support and micro sd card.
Have a quick look on its technical specification as well.


Type: Over Ear Headphones

Battery Back-up: Upto 9 Hours

Standby Time: Upto 150 Hours

Weight: 163g

Bluetooth Range: 10 meters

Warranty: 12 Months


Customer's Ratings and Reviews

 Awesome Sound and Bass QualityTakes time to charge
 Good Battery Backup 
 Great Bluetooth Range 

#2. Zebronics ZEB-AURA Bluetooth Wireless Headphone With Mic

Zebronics ZEB-AURA

The second performer in the segment of Headphones under 1000 is Zebronics ZEB-AURA. The built quality of the headset is really commendable.
When it comes to sound and bass quality, the Zebronics ZEB-AURA makes his place in the list of Best Headphones Under 1000.
Also, Zebronics was awarded the privilege of “Best Tech Brand 2015” for music accessories by The Economic Times.


Type: Over Ear headphone

Battery Back-up: Upto 5 Hours

Standby Time: Upto 160 Hours

Weight: 200g

Bluetooth Range: 10 Meters

Warranty: 12 Months


Customer's Rating and Reviews

 Great Bass and Sound QualityBattery issues
 Nice Build QualityFace noise issues while calling 

#3. Intex Jogger B Multimedia Headphones

As the name depicts, Intex Jogger B Multimedia Headphones¬†comes with a classy look and it’s a perfect pair for those who are¬† fitness freaks. It comes with an adjustable band so that you can wear your headphones as per your comfort levels.¬†

Soft ear cushions on ear cups and band helps you to comfort if you listen music for long hours. Intex Jogger B Multimedia Headphones comes with an LED display, inbuilt Mic and Micro SD card support.  Also there is presence of remote control on it so that you can change the music directly and also can receive calls from that. 

Overall this device is complete value to money in this segment of wireless headphones under 1000


Type: On Ear Headphone

Battery Back-up: Upto 4 Hours

Standby Time: Upto 120 Hours

Weight: 306 g

Bluetooth Range: 10 meters

Warranty: 12 Months

Customer's Rating and Reviews

 Battery Backup is Good Very Heavy
Easy to use Average Built Quality
 Good Sound quality 
Easy to Carry  

#4. Ubon BT 5600 Wireless Headphones With Mic

Ubon 5600

The most common brand in the Chinese market yet most selling brand among the mobile accessories. The build quality of Ubon BT 5600 Wirless Headphones is quite good as compared to others in the list. The high quality plastic makes it feel authentic not cheap quality.

Also the sound and bass quality is quite good due to presence of 40mm dynamic drivers. In the segment of Headphones under 1000, the ubon has better bass quality as compared to others.

Inbuilt Mic with Echo cancelling technology makes this headphones stand out of the crowd in this budget.


Type: On Ear Headphone

Battery Back-up: Upto 6 Hours

Standby Time: Upto 24 Hours

Weight: 240g

Bluetooth Range: 20 Meters

Warranty: 12 Months

Customer's Review and Feedback

High Quality Bass Takes time to charge
 Noise free calling 
 Better Sound Quality 
 Awesome Battery Backup 

#5. iBall Musi Sway BT01 Bluetooth Headset With Built in Mic

iBall Musi Sway

Beautifully designed headphones and my favorite too ūüôā¬†

iBall Musi Sway BT01 Bluetooth Headset is the perfect choice in the headphones under 1000. Made with high quality plastic. The headphones are easy to carry due to its foldable design and adjustable headband.

It feels comfortable when used as it contain soft leather cushions on ear cups. It comes with inbuilt Mic and a remote control on it which helps in changing the music right away and taking up the calls as well.

If you are a music lover and looking for a cool and high quality headphones under 1000 then this is definitely for you. It comes with 4 Off Beat Stickers To Match Your Mood 


Type: On Ear Headphones 

Battery Back-up: Upto 10 Hours

Standby Time: Upto 120 Hours 

Weight: 158g

Bluetooth Range: 10 Meters

Warranty: 12 Month

Customer's Ratings and Reviews

 High Quality Sound  Bluetooth Range is less
 Bass Quality is Good  
 Easy to carry 
 Battery Backup is great 
 Best for music lovers 

Hope my research would have helped you in choosing Headphones Under 1000. If you have any doubts or any suggestions, you can leave your comments in comment section.

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